To serve as a national forum and rule‌-‌making body for insurance companies at national level, with particular focus on the insurance of international trade.


The Insurance Commission was amongst the first ones to become active within this new formation. Considering the nationalized structure of the insurance industry in that era which put the ownership of the insurance companies in the hands of the government the commission offered a unique opportunity for all concerned (private and public sector) to take up insurance matters and discuss it, free of the organizational dependencies.


Today insurance industry in Iran is going through a process of privatization and liberalization and is following up a new vision and missions which opens new perspective for all the stakeholders of the market. Accordingly the commission has elevated its proceedings to strategic issues to reflect on new situation. In this regard the activities of the Insurance and Financial Services commission in Paris is monitored and all documents and information hence received are conveyed to the members and other related parties as well. With no doubt the experiences gained by the other markets and guidelines issued by the ICC in these regards are of great informative value.