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To develop policy recommendation and tools to address major environment and energy issues, including climate change‌, green economy‌, sustainable development‌, and to make a substantive contribution to key inter sectorial discussions in these areas‌.


The commission on Environment and Energy of the Iranian Committee of International Chamber of Commerce was formed in March 2009 and is currently in the process of accepting members.


The Environment and Energy commission of ICC (Iran Committee) works in line with the ICC commission recent guidelines based on Green Economy task force. The Iran Commission was actively involved in defining and putting the conditions for transition toward a “Green Economy” which is defined as “an economy in which economic growth and environmental responsibility work together in a mutually reinforcing fashion while supporting progress on social development”. The road map is based on ten conditions covering economic, environmental social as well as mutually reinforcing and cross-cutting elements. The Environment and Energy commission of ICC-Iran meets around ten times during the year to discuss local and regional environmental and energy issues. The oil, gas and petrochemical businesses are usually dominating the discussions in these meetings as Iran has one of the largest hydrocarbon resources of the world.


The commission could enhance the idea of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and act as a bridge between the Iranian sectors involved in energy based business and Government and Non Government Organizations active in the protection of environment and concern with the Climate Change.