The main body of the commission is composed of insurance providers. However insurance buyers, intermediaries and experts as well as Central Bank of Iran have their representatives sitting in the commissions bi-monthly meetings. Not like its counterpart in Paris, the commission is functioning under its traditional structure and due to the emergent issues in the insurance industry, has not yet merged with the Financial Services commission. The main meetings are being held on bimonthly basis and the further investigation of the related matters are carried out by appointed task forces.


Besides elaborating on the documents received from the Commission in Paris, domestic issues are the other field of interest for the commission. Topics of discussion usually include the strategies and different aspect of changes the Iranian insurance industry should go through, so that liberalization could materialize. In this regard the commission tries to take stance of a lobbying entity.


In order To fulfill its commitments to the members of the INC, commission arranges short seminars which are either of training or Informative nature. These seminars are mostly conducted in the specialized fields which reflect common problems. Conducting three seminars are planned for this year. Commission also takes it as a duty to facilitate its member participation in the twice yearly meetings held by the corresponding commission in Paris.


Commission is run by Dr. Nader Mazloomi, who is a university professor in the field of strategic and risk management and a long standing educator of insurance courses as well. Besides other research and educational positions, for the last ten years he also has served as a member of High Council of Insurance. Dr. Mazloomi joined the INC from its revival and helped the committee to establish its insurance commission.


Projects for the year 1395


1-To promote policy of Corporate Governance & Anti-Corruption management system in private enterprises, with collaboration of other ICC-Iran Commissions.


2- To promote policy of Cross Border Trade Facilitation System implementation in governmental and private sector of Iran, with collaboration of other ICC-Iran Commissions.


3-To support discussions to reach national/international consensus for preparation of ICC Model Contract of Carriage for SMEs.