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The eATA Carnet pilot has officially landed at Heathrow Airport. Last month, Canada and Norway signed on to pilot the project. This week, the UK became the 8th country to join. See a full list of supporting ports.
A meeting of the World Chambers Federation Executive Committee took place on Tuesday, with discussions focused on the future of WCF work and its leadership. In opening remarks WCF Chair Hamad Buamim thanked John Denton for living up to his promise to participate in all WCF Executive meetings, which has contributed to strengthened alignment of work programmes.
ICC is bringing together the recently launched ICC Small Business Champions Network and the European Law Institute (ELI)1 to design a 'Data Management Guide for Small Business', which will provide small and medium-sized enterprises with tailored guidance on how to leverage data for value creation.
The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Court) has registered its 27,000th case, having announced record arbitration figures for 2021 earlier this year.
ICC ACADEMY spoke to Hannah Nguyen from the ICC Digital Standards Initiative and Tat Yeen Yap from fintech, MonetaGo.
On the occasion of World IP Day, ICC Iran with the cooperation of one of our members (System Group Co. which is an Iranian private software company) published its Special Issue on April 26, 2022.
The Special Issue is entitled “IP and Technological developments: NFT” addressing NFTs as well as IP-related and legal aspects arising from NFTs.
This webinar is to hear from the President and members of the ICC International Court of Arbitration as well as members of the Korean Council of International Arbitration (KOCIA) and learn how the ICC Court provides customized services to resolve disputes of all shapes, sizes and circumstances.
The competition is open to anyone aged 40 years of age or under. All works competing should be a minimum of 150 pages in length, drafted in English or French, unpublished and completed less than two years prior to the date of submission.