2930311234 ICC Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

ICC Iran has provided advisory services in order to fulfill the needs, solve the challenges of the businesses communities and international merchants and facilitate cross-border trades.


ICC Iran provides advisory services in different areas such as; arbitration and legal issues, banking, insurance, customs and trade facilitation, transportation and taxation. The following subjects are amongst the issues of Advisory Services:


  • Concluding foreign purchase or sale contracts
  • Usage of the methods of uniform customs and practice for documentary Credits (UCP) & uniform rules for demand guarantees (URDG)
  • Issues related to import/export LC and ICC regulations
  • Usage of methods of Incoterms in international trade contracts
  • Usage of method of arbitration in solving international trade disputes
  • Shipping documents, freight insurance in accordance with ICC regulations
  • Usage of the methods of force majeure clause in international contracts


ICC Iran provides advisory services in both in-person meetings and communication by email, fax and virtual meetings.


The above-mentioned service is free of charge for ICC Iran members.


Those interested in receiving advisory services, can submit their request to or Fax No: +9821-88346537